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New Drug Development Services

                                      HealSun-Shanghai has docked with customers in the early stage of antibody drug development. Relying on a variety  of analysis methods, we provide customers with 

                             molecular design and evaluation services from humanization, activity analysis  and drugability analysis.

Molecular structure design and production

According to customer requirements for various forms of bispecific antibody/trispecific antibody design.

Evaluation of candidate drug molecules

Sequence analysis and accelerated assay were used to evaluate the developability of molecules.

Humanized design of antibodies

A suitable humanized sequence was designed based on the mouse antibody sequence.

Development of Antibody Drug Coupling

To provide process testing services for conjugated antibodies and cytotoxic compounds.


Antibody Drug IND

        Healsun has the ability to analyze the drug resistance of antibodies,develop 

stable cell lines,Cell culture process development,purification process development

 and pilot production.Our advantages include the capable technical team,the efficient 

peoject management team,the robust management system,the sound quality assurence 

system and so on.We has the ability and confidence to provide clients with perfect

 services and technical support for the rapid entry of the candidate into clinical.

Our Advantages

      Since its establishment, HealSun successively obtained "national 

high-tech enterprise", Hangzhou "Foal Eagle plan" member, "Zhejiang 

Enterprise Research and Development Center", "2020 CDMO Enterprise 

top 20 in China", "2021 Hangzhou quasi-unicorn enterprise" honor and 



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